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My son proudest moments...Maulana

Posted by Berlian Permata Biru

UITM Convoction Day!....Hooray!
At last my son obtained his Diploma In Industrial Design (UiTM)

It was 21st October 2009, and that day was the most proudest day of my son's life. He had surpassed and overcome all his hurdles in obtaining his diploma back then in UITM Merbok, Kedah, Darul Aman.

Muhammad Firdaus Maulana Bin Mohamed, my only son from my first marriage was born on the 23rd January 1988 and almost 10 months later, his grandma passed away - sudden departure which shook me for awhile because my mum who was staying in Melaka was supposed to come and pay me a visit and at the same time to see Maulana in Johor Bahru then.

I promised myself to ensure that this only son of mine will become somebody one day. However, my marriage won't last and I was separated with my children and could only see them once in awhile. It was sad and heart-broken for having a broken marriage. It took me years to overcome the blow which I finally accepted the reality of separation - it was beyond my control; it was Allah will.

After years of turmoil, ups and downs and struggles that I have gone through in life; to be able to see my son graduated was a the true moment of delight despite I could not attend his graduation day then.

He is now pursuing his 1st degree in Graphic Design in UITM Shah Alam, Selangor and presently just completed his final paper for the first semester.

I am always keeping in touch with him ....through mobile phone and sometimes we chat in Yahoo Messenger too.

Syabas Maulana.....Your father is always proud of you!

With Lotta Love...from Abah and Aunty Badariah


  1. Kak Ungku Betty said...

    My doas...May Allah bless him always, excel in his studies and success in what ever he's doing now and future endevour.

    All the best Maulana...we both love you so much!

  2. Marina Monroe said...

    Salam Bur, congratulation for having such a memorable beautiful moments of yr son's grad. Hopefully, he turns out to be a good man and successful in his career later on.
    Life is full of hurdles, sometimes..we may fall and sometimes need strength to pass through..
    Well! that is what has been destined by Allah..see you soon Bur..kinda miss u a lot

  3. Berlian Permata Biru said...

    To My Beloved Wife....Thanks a lot for all the doas......you're such a nice stepmom to my children...only Allah will bless your kindness to them.
    And for you...sis' may be peace be upon both of you too...and May Allah always look after you n family and bestows His Mercy and Sustenance to your family. Amin

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