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My Blessing To Maulana - Maulana AF8

Posted by Berlian Permata Biru

Alhamdullilah, at last I am able to post a new entry; after hibernating for months of preoccupations and at the same time buzzing around with other worldly matters. This is a special entry dedicated to my beloved son - Muhammad Firdaus Maulana Bin Mohamed - a.k.a Maulana.

Many moments had passed by without regrets or contemplations, but time really flows without much hesitations and  bringing new hope and chucking out the past for memories and reminiscence. That was Maulana's previous challenge in UiTM Merbok before he was finally graduated with Diploma in Industrial Design (UiTM) on the 21st October 2009.

His Graduation and Creations

He later pursued his first degree in Graphic Design in UiTM Shah Alam and was admitted to second semester based on credit transfer. Upon finishing his 2nd semester, I have persuaded Maulana to go to Shanghai for practical training as a trainee graphic designer in an advertising firm there during his semester break in December 2009. He accepted my challenge after his cousin talked to him about prospect in Shanghai during Hari Raya gathering at my sister's place in Melaka.

Maulana got support not only from his family and aunt (Mak Long Maimunah in Melaka) but also from his Dean and finally went to Shanghai on 2nd of December 2009. He  stayed with his cousin Muhammad Daniel Iman who is a landscape architect attached to an American firm there. He survived his initial practical training during his 2nd semester break and back to Malaysia in early weeks of January 2010 in order to continue his 3rd semester in Graphic Design.

It has been months after his departure to Shanghai and back again to his university, I am still unable to see him face to face - we only communicated through the phones. Well, I have been used to this fiasco anyway. Nevertheless, I was caught by surprise one day when Maulana came to see me in Setiawangsa - Kuala Lumpur; at his cousin's wedding reception on the 6th February 2010. In the presence of his two sisters and my wife (his step mom), Maulana told me that he was offered to AKADEMI FANTASIA (AF8) - a popular TV Reality Programme in Malaysia.I was shocked but remained cool and sober. I only requested him one thing - He must promise me to complete his degree in order to get my blessing - RESTU AYAH BONDA.

I always have sincere feelings towards Allah SWT who predestined everyone's destiny. That was the most faithful day of Maulana's life when he finally made it to AKADEMI FANTASIA - It was faith and destiny. He always wanted to be there but I was the one who always stopped him to go because at that moment he was still an undergraduate in his diploma studies in UiTM Merbok.

Spare me for sharing these stories of Maulana. His younger days were always full of challenges, laughters and tears between father and son - especially when his beloved parents separated and divorced. I could only visited him once awhile when I was free; and met him during his schooling hours. I remember his best friend Zainol Arifin too where he always shared their moments together. One thing for sure, Maulana always respect the elders unless he is provoked - he has my instinct as a fighter and retaliates for his rights. And for sure, you have too - my looks, gestures, cheerful and sincere, soft and tender heart that are full of empathy which are easily touched.

Watching Maulana growing up from a distance was not an easy task yet I always love him and his sisters without hesitation and discrimination. There were moments he made me and his mum running around to make him a man today.

His Decent-Looking Face

As a young Turk, he is always rebellious in his dreams about his future; there was a time when he told me that he wanted to be a singer and a performer - the fast way to fortune he said. But I have always told him that he can but with a degree in his hands. I always wanted the best for him - a talented and educated person.

Young & Determined Achiever

He has both touches - my talent in his guitar-playing and his mum's talent for his singing ability; not least my intelligent artistic mind and my creativity flow in his mind and soul. Don't underestimate Maulana. He is full of wisdoms and Gifted son. He is my prodigy - being born after my special supplementary prayer to Allah - "Anak Nazar". He is stronger than his father - that is why he is named Muhammad Firdaus Maulana (Chieftain) - or in full is Muhammad Firdaus Maulana Mohamed.

Once a small cute obedient child but now a grown man in his early twenties - Maulana has begun to carve his own destiny and without turning back for hesitations. He is now consistently performing his best in every concert in AKADEMI FANTASIA SEASON 8 - AF8. Full with determinations and he is now popular as Maulana AF8.

Cute & Innocent Toddler

His first song 'TEKAD' in the AKADEMI FANTASIA TIRAI (PRELUDE) is synonym to his life, his dreams and destiny. He had carefully chosen it to send his message across.

 A Shinning Star in the making - Viva Maulana!

Well son!....Que Sera Sera - What Will Be Will Be. Life as an entertainer is always full of challenges and sometimes blended with criticisms. I sincerely believe that you will survive the harshness of the academy and reaps your fruit of labour in the end. Always give the best shots in all your performances. Remember that, your step mom (Aunty Bad) and I will always stand by you. All the Best and May Allah Be with You Always and Forever. Vaya Con Dios - Maulana!

By the time I wrote this entry, Maulana has already gone through his 4th Concert on 10th April and he survived again in DEBARAN AKADEMI FANTASIA on 11th April. Viva Maulana!

Last but not least - My Blessing is For You - Ya Habibi Ya Maulana. No matter if you are sometimes smeared by certain quarters and bunches full of despised despicable obnoxious beings around you and everywhere whatever. There are always vultures and scavengers, but remember your friends are always around  - rallying support for you - AFUNDI MAULANA!

InsyaAllah you will survive the blows - you will make it to the FINAL CONCERT my son and you will be the CHAMPION - THE JUARA! THE SHINNING STAR OF AF8! INSYA-ALLAH - AMIN.

From Abah and Aunty Bad With Love and Devotion.


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